What happens to my waste after I fill up my dumpster?

Q. I have filled my dumpster but I still have more junk I want to get rid of. Do I get a discount on another one?

A. By ordering a dumpster from AAA Rubbish Man if you have filled your dumpster and would like a second one, while the first one still remains on your property, AAA Rubbish Man will convert you over to the 30 yard price. Example: you paid $350.00 for your first dumpster, your second dumpster will be $250.00. The price adjustment works out as if you had ordered 30 yards from the beginning at $600.00 which makes this a no lose scenario for you the consumer.


Q. What if I need a third dumpster?

A. In the event you need a third dumpster the price reverts back to the 15 yard price you initially paid.


Q. So my dumpster is full , I would like to understand what happens to my waste?

A. From your home it is AAA Rubbish Man’s policy to bring it to a sanitary facility with no stops or detours in between.


Q. What happens to my junk after it reaches the sanitary facility?

A. Depending on the type of material you have placed in your dumpster, a good portion of it will be recycled.


Q. What will be recycled from my dumpster at the sanitary facility?

A. First and foremost all metal will be reclaimed, any clean wood will potentially go to a clean wood waste facility, and of course any recyclable plastics will be      recovered.


Q.Is AAA Rubbish Man doing the recycling and recovery of these materials?

A. No. AAA Rubbish Man is a hauling carting dumpster rental company that is a huge time saver for you. The disposal sites AAA Rubbish Man uses performs these tasks of reclaiming reusable materials.