What happens to my waste after I fill up my dumpster?

Q. So my dumpster is full , I would like to understand what happens to my waste?

A. From your home it is AAA Rubbish Man's policy to bring it to a sanitary facility with no stops or detours in between.


Q. What happens to my junk after it reaches the sanitary facility?

A. Depending on the type of material you have placed in your dumpster, a good portion of it will be recycled.


Q. What will be recycled from my dumpster at the sanitary facility?

A. First and foremost all metal will be reclaimed, any clean wood will potentially go to a clean wood waste facility, and of course any recyclable plastics will be      recovered.


Q.Is AAA Rubbish Man doing the recycling and recovery of these materials?

A. No. AAA Rubbish Man is a hauling carting dumpster rental company that is a huge time saver for you. The disposal sites AAA Rubbish Man uses performs these tasks of reclaiming reusable materials.

Filling Up Your Dumpster

In the previous week we spoke of placement of your dumpster rental This week we are going to speak about filling up your dumpster.

Q. Will I have to lift my items over the top of the dumpster ?

A. The roll off dumpster has a back gate or door that can be easily opened for filling the dumpster.


Q. What is the best way to load my dumpster ?

A. After opening the rear gate of the dumpster we recommend that your
start with your heaviest and most awkward items placing them in the very front of the dumpster. Once you have done this start placing the rest of your garbage like a giant jigsaw puzzle utilizing all of your nooks and crannies to maximize your load capacity with your dumpster.


Q. How high or can I go over the top of the dumpster with material ?

A. We strongly recommend that you keep your waste level with the top of the dumpster.


Q. Why do you recommend that you keep the junk level with the top of the dumpster ?

A. We recommend that you keep all of your waste material within the four walls of the waste container so your junk can be safely hauled away to the nearest waste facility for disposal.


Q. What happens if I have grossly overloaded the dumpster ?

A. You will be asked to remove the excess waste from the top of the dumpster or you may want to purchase a second dumpster to off load the excess junk into.


Q. What happens if I have one or two items that are just a little taller than the side walls of the container ?

A. In most cases this is fine as long as 95% of the items are within the four walls of the waste container.

Placement of Dumpster Rental

Hello and welcome back to AAA Rubbish Man. Last week we talked about exceeding your weight limit, extended time with the dumpster, and unacceptable items. This week we will get into placement of your dumpster rental.

Q. Where can I place my dumpster once it arrives?

A. Typically we recommend placeing your dumpster rental right in your driveway.


Q. How much space will the dumpster take up in my driveway?

A. Typically your dumpster rental will take no more space than a parked car in your driveway.


Q. Do I need to have wood available to put under the dumpster?

A. Typically the only time you need to provide wood for under the dumpster is when you are dealing with extremely heavy loads such as roofing, plaster, or masonary. If you have a new uncured driveway it is also recommended to provide wood for underneath the dumpster.


Q. What happens if the dumpster can not be placed in the driveway or I do not have a driveway?

A. We recommend you have a second location for your dumpster placement in mind just in case it cannot be placed in your first chioce however this rarely happens.


Q. What happens if my dumpster rental arrives and we are unable to find suitable placement for the dumpster and we ask the delivery truck to leave and decide we do not want it?

A. This does not occur very often however in the unlikely event it did happen due to the high cost of fuel and manpower we would have to charge for a trip out and back.

What To Do After You've Rented Your Roll Off Dumpster

Welcome back to AAA Rubbish Man blog post. Last week we left off after getting a price on a roll off dumpster. You the consumer just received a quote for $350.00 For a 15 yard dumpster which included 3 tons of weight and 10 days with the dumpster. Keep in mind that this is merely an example. So you as a consumer have some questions to ask in regards to this information you just received. Q. What happens if I exceed the weight limit that is included with my dumpster? A. If you happen to exceed your tonnage limit you then go to a rate of $150.00 per ton pro rated Example :Your dumpster weighs 3.25 tons. We take the .25 ton multiply it by $150.00 and your additional tonnage would be $37.50 plus tax.   Q. What happens if I need to keep my dumpster longer than the 10 day time limit? A. If you have contacted us 3 days prior to pick up you may keep your dumpster for an additional charge. If you have not contacted us 3 days prior to your pick up date chances are your dumpster has been rented to someone else and may not be available to keep.   Q. Are there items you can not put in the dumpster? A. Nothing flammable hazardous or toxic is allowed. This includes, but not limited to, oil, liquid paint, etc. Extra charge items include matresses ($25 each) and car tires ($10 each).

Picking a Dumpster Rental Company for Your Garbage Collection and Junk Removal Needs

Last month we spoke about things to know before renting a dumpster, this week we're going to be speaking about picking a dumpster rental company for your garbage collection and junk removal needs. So you the consumer had been on the Internet and have spotted a couple of dumpster companies that are local to the Capital district and are privately owned,privately owned rolloff dumpster companies, or dumpster rental companies. These privately owned dumpster rental companies usually outperform the larger corporate companies in service and at a lesser price. So you the consumer have decided to pick up the phone and find out the details about ordering a rolloff dumpster for your home or construction site. You dialed the number 518-279-3306. You are respectfully greeted by a representative at A A A Rubbish Man Inc. You the potential customer indicate you would like info about ordering a dumpster. You the potential customer should be ready to answer some basic questions such as where are you located, what city do you live in, and what will you be using the dumpster for? Are you using it to clean out your attic or basement or perhaps clearing out an estate, or is the dumpster rental going to a construction site where it is going to be used for roofing debris or perhaps you're going to be using the dumpster to rehab an old building filling it with construction waste and debris. At this point a customer service representative should be able to recommend a dumpster size to you and give you a price for the dumpster rental. Okay, for an example,you the consumer were just quoted $350 for a 15 yard dumpster, A good customer service representative will explain to you that this includes your delivery, your pickup and up to 3 tons or 6000 pounds of garbage hauled or carted away and 7 days with the dumpster. To be continued next week.

Things To Know Before Renting a Dumpster

Do not be fooled by large Budget Dumpster brokers ! that are not local and hire local companies marking up the cost of your dumpster significantly.

Do not assume your local garbage pick up company has the best price for a roll off  dumpster. Call and compare prices  and ask about availability.

Did you get a real person answering the phone?

Were you left on hold for minutes at a time?

Were all your questions answered?

If not give us a call at AAA Rubbish Man


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