Placement of Dumpster Rental

Hello and welcome back to AAA Rubbish Man. Last week we talked about exceeding your weight limit, extended time with the dumpster, and unacceptable items. This week we will get into placement of your dumpster rental.

Q. Where can I place my dumpster once it arrives?

A. Typically we recommend placeing your dumpster rental right in your driveway.


Q. How much space will the dumpster take up in my driveway?

A. Typically your dumpster rental will take no more space than a parked car in your driveway.


Q. Do I need to have wood available to put under the dumpster?

A. Typically the only time you need to provide wood for under the dumpster is when you are dealing with extremely heavy loads such as roofing, plaster, or masonary. If you have a new uncured driveway it is also recommended to provide wood for underneath the dumpster.


Q. What happens if the dumpster can not be placed in the driveway or I do not have a driveway?

A. We recommend you have a second location for your dumpster placement in mind just in case it cannot be placed in your first chioce however this rarely happens.


Q. What happens if my dumpster rental arrives and we are unable to find suitable placement for the dumpster and we ask the delivery truck to leave and decide we do not want it?

A. This does not occur very often however in the unlikely event it did happen due to the high cost of fuel and manpower we would have to charge for a trip out and back.