What To Do After You've Rented Your Roll Off Dumpster

Welcome back to AAA Rubbish Man blog post. Last week we left off after getting a price on a roll off dumpster. You the consumer just received a quote for $350.00 For a 15 yard dumpster which included 3 tons of weight and 10 days with the dumpster. Keep in mind that this is merely an example. So you as a consumer have some questions to ask in regards to this information you just received. Q. What happens if I exceed the weight limit that is included with my dumpster? A. If you happen to exceed your tonnage limit you then go to a rate of $150.00 per ton pro rated Example :Your dumpster weighs 3.25 tons. We take the .25 ton multiply it by $150.00 and your additional tonnage would be $37.50 plus tax.   Q. What happens if I need to keep my dumpster longer than the 10 day time limit? A. If you have contacted us 3 days prior to pick up you may keep your dumpster for an additional charge. If you have not contacted us 3 days prior to your pick up date chances are your dumpster has been rented to someone else and may not be available to keep.   Q. Are there items you can not put in the dumpster? A. Nothing flammable hazardous or toxic is allowed. This includes, but not limited to, oil, liquid paint, etc. Extra charge items include matresses ($25 each) and car tires ($10 each).